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Anxiety Wrap

It's "Thunderwear" - New Anxiety Wrap

Wouldn't you like your thunder-phobic dog to look this calm during the next thunderstorm?

Husky wearing Anxiety Wrap
Mookie, 8 1/2 year-old rescue relaxing during a thunderstorm wearing her much-loved "thunderwear" - The Anxiety Wrap

The Anxiety Wrap creates light pressure on the skin to help calm an animal and reduce anxiety and stress. Real people, and their dogs, are getting real results. These are some of the comments the makers of the Anxiety Wrap have received:

Adopted at one year, (Mookie's) fear of storms gradually worsened. Distressed, paces, pants, clings, drools, keeps me up during the night, tries to escape into the back yard so she can run away from the storm, hides in the basement or the bathtub and each storm season is worse then the last. We tried (...) and other natural products that seem to initially work but lost their effect.

A friend told me about The Anxiety Wrap and I figured it was either this or medication. At first I was apprehensive about the price because I didn't understand out how it worked and still don't know, but work it does! During storms she now relaxes & sleeps, sometimes she'll snuggle but no more panting or drooling, she even eats treats during storms. I would recommend the Anxiety Wrap to anyone with a thunderstorm phobia dog.
Thank you so much!
Barbara Taylor
Siberian Husky Rescue

Jack Russell Terrier

Daisy is much happier since we got her Anxiety Wrap for her. She will even do agility with a thunderstorm in the background. This was unthinkable before. Thank you so much! Of course, Angelica Steinker of Courteous Canine Dog School in Lutz had this great idea for me to try The Anxiety Wrap and it worked!
Ellinor Schmitz

Golden Retriever

Chase, a retired Service Dog, became fearful and destructive during thunderstorms and separation, he paced and panted every time it rained or stormed. The adopting family could not cope. Even the medications provided by the vet did not improve Chase's anxieties.

We have had The Anxiety Wrap for one month and have seen marked improvement in Chase's response to both storms and separation. That first week, we had a really heavy storm with lots of lightning and thunder. Since we knew the storm was coming, we put the wrap on Chase at bedtime. When the storm hit, Chase did get up and start to pace and pant. We told him, "No Chase, go lay down." He lay right down and we all slept the rest of the night without any further panting-pacing episodes. Usually during night storms, Chase would climb on our bed and then try to bury himself under the covers and get full body contact with whoever was there in bed next to him. This made it difficult to get any sleep during storms.
With the Anxiety Wrap there are no more pacing-panting episodes and he doesn't even try to climb in bed with us

We decided to start carrying Anxiety Wrap after a trusted friend - a canine rehabilitation expert - told us about the calming effect she found it provided in anxious and stressful situations. It's a bit costly, but a lot cheaper than the lifetime of tranquilizers some dogs require to counter the effects of thunder phobia.

Anxiety Wrap has been used successfully in other stress and fear situations, including motion sickness, separation anxiety, aggression and to reduce resistance to nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Before initial need, an acclimation period of 5 to 20 minutes is recommended to accustom the dog to wearing The Anxiety Wrap.

Issues other than thunderstorm fear or dogs with multiple issues may require a gentle training treatment program in conjunction with the Anxiety Wrap. With more severe, or multiple, issues, improvement may require several wearings
Most dogs tolerate the Wrap easily and do not try to remove it. Anxiety Wrap is make of a breathable fabric and is easily adjustable within each size range. It works best when applied prior to the stressing event and when left in place for a period afterwards.

Instructions for use are included and, free of charge, e-mail support is provided by the developer. Anxiety Wrap is guaranteed against manufacturing defects, but since the developer cannot control whether the Wrap is properly used, no usage guarantee is offered.

Getting the right size: Except for the smallest dogs, weight is only a rough guideline - for accurate sizing use a tape to measure the girth of the dog at the greatest circumference of the chest, just behind the front legs, and order the appropriate size below.

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Toy 13-14" chest, 5-7 lbs (AXWTOY) $64.95 each
Toy Plus 14-16" chest, 8-11 lbs (AXWTOYP) $64.95 each
Mini 16-19" chest, 12-16 lbs (AXWMINI) $64.95 each
Mini Plus 19-20" chest, 17-20 lbs (AXWMINIP) $64.95 each
XXSmall 20-22" chest, 21-25 lbs (AXWXXSM) $64.95 each
XSmall 22-24" chest, 26-30 lbs (AXWXSM) $69.95 each
Small 25-27" chest, 31-40 lbs (AXWSM) $69.95 each
Medium 28-30" chest, 41-58 lbs (AXWMED) $69.95 each
Large 31-33" chest, 59-85 lbs (AXWLG) $74.95 each
XLarge 34-36" chest, 86-95 lbs (AXWXLG) $74.95 each
XXLarge 37-39" chest, over 96 lbs (AXWXXLG) $74.95 each