What’s the big deal about Duurstede?

Duurstede is the product of a semi-fanatical search by a sweetly obsessive Canadian exhibitor of a champion Gordon Setter to find the grooming products that would give his dogs the ultimate edge in the show ring. That breeder, Bill VanWyck, couldn’t find exactly what he wanted so he researched the issue of grooming himself, engaged a research and development firm in Milan, Italy, developed his own system of grooming products and began using them as a winning solution for his own show purposes with his champion “Harry” and his own line of Gordons. Thirteen years ago, Duurstede “went public” and now sells internationally to discerning exhibitors.

Bill has a most interesting and informative article describing what he learned about canine coat and skin care along the way and you can learn a lot from his Canine Coat and Skin 101.

There are two tracks to Duurstede – the show-grooming system designed as the ultimate coat preparation for those who are serious about showing their dogs competitively, and Duurstede Three in One, the shampoo, conditioner and revitalizer combined that Bill created, partly at our request, for those who wanted most of the goodness of the full system in one, easy-to-use application.

Duurstede Three-in-One

All the Duurstede products are easy to use – they’re even specifically designed to be low-sudsing so they rinse out quickly and cleanly when you’re living the hectic road life that goes with showing dogs.

The Three-In-One, though, is the Duurstede for the rest of us – those of us who bask in compliments from people who see our dogs’ shining coats but who don’t campaign our dogs week after week against other show dogs and their armies of handlers and their assistants.

There’s more about Duurstede on the Dogstuff Website, here.

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One Response to What’s the big deal about Duurstede?

  1. Annie says:

    This product is really, really good. The late Helen Redlus suggested it. Since then after using it on my dogs I’ve recommended it to many folks. Granted it’s not cheap but you don’t need to use a lot of it. It’s beyond any other shampoo that I’ve used.
    Try it…, it’s worth it! The dogs coats are amazinging soft & silky after using it & stay that way for a long time.

    Annie, VA.

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