Some Rescued WA Dogs Ready for Adoption

They had spent their lives in cages, never knowing human companionship or care. They were rescued filthy, frightened, and flea-bitten.

But now, after careful rehabilitation and socialization, 5 of the 84 dogs rescued from Skagit and Snohomish counties in Washington are ready for adoption.

They’ve gone from hiding underneath their beds at the Seattle Humane Society to “jumping up and down excited to see us,” said Katie Olsen.

Playing cards from Dogstuff

Playing cards from Dogstuff

Staff are telling prospective owners that the dogs — mostly yorkies, poodles and chihuahuas — will still need a lot of socialization. Though they’re mostly a year or two old, they have never lived indoors with a family. They still need to be housebroken and learn about unfamiliar sounds, like a vacuum cleaner.

The shelter would like adoptive families to take their new member to training classes, and ideally have another dog in the home.

“We want them spoiled and pampered, and the dog is going to be going everywhere with the new families,” said Olsen.

The shelter also needs more volunteer foster parents for its remaining dogs and other guests.

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