Dogs can do math

Smiling Boo

(Photo credit: Steve Parker at Flickr)

They know how many treats you put in front of them — and they know if you take one away. This is probably not news to dog owners, but it’s one more study confirming what’s going on in canine brains.

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3 Responses to Dogs can do math

  1. Dogs are very smart! The dog I had in the 70 s when I was on the Police Dept. I could give him commands with my hands. He would attack some one when told to.But was a friendly dog. Dogs have talents just like people.

  2. Sutton says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the smarts canines continue to show. I have an eight month old lab that has more attention to detail than I do!

  3. KST says:

    I can relate to this. I tried giving my friend’s dog a treat (it’s a Border Collie named Jack) and he refused to eat it. I was confused until someone explained to me why he wouldn’t come- I laid the treat right next to me, when we were trying to catch Jack and take him inside, he thought I was trying to trap him. So yes, a dog outsmarted me.. Now that I think about it, this really ISN’T related to this..

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