Dog Owner Sues over China-Made Chicken Treats

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We’ve written before about the dangers of dog treats produced in China. There have been widespread reports of illness and even death among dogs eating the tainted treats; but because a specific contaminant has not been pinpointed, the FDA has not issued a recall, and the products remain on store shelves.

Now a man whose dog died after eating them has sued. Dennis Adkins filed suit against Nestle Purina and Wal-Mart for failing to pull the treats or label them with warnings. His Pomeranian Cleopatra, who had eaten the chicken treats for three days, subsequently died of kidney failure; his other dog, who was not fed the treats, did not become ill, and nothing else about Cleopatra’s diet was changed.

Please spread the word to any dog owners you know: check the label of any dog treats before buying them. If they were imported from China, don’t feed them to your dog. And shame on all the manufacturers and retailers who continue to sell these products, knowing the damage they are doing.

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