Denver the Guilty Dog

Here’s another video that’s been making the rounds. The experts say dogs don’t feel guilt, but old Denver here sure puts on a good impression of it, doesn’t he?

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26 Responses to Denver the Guilty Dog

  1. Mark says:

    Great Video! Denver is trying his best to look innocent. Denver is a great looking dog.

  2. BergiesZoo says:

    Denver was on Good Morning America, and they posted the segment on Youtube. She is a beautiful dog and very well behaved. There have been some comments, on YouTube and elsewhere, that Denver was an abused dog and that’s why she reacted the way she did in the video. There certainly was no evidence of abuse on GMA, as she sat on the sofa next to her owner with her head resting on his leg.

    Whether or not Denver actually felt any guilt, or was even guilty of eating the cat treats, is pretty irrelevent. We humans tend to assign human emotions to our pets based on their actions and facial expressions. (At our house, we even adlib for the cats.) This is just a funny video of an animal whose actions we are assigning emotions too.

  3. LARRY says:

    Poor “Denver!” She is grimacing submissively (while being unfairly blamed, cornered and intimidated by the owner), and definitely not “smiling.”
    Both dogs in the video appear to be extremely “cowed,” and I (also) noticed that neither dog appears to be happy, just intimidated. I also noticed that “Denver” slinked away sadly – and “obediently” – when ordered to do so. This looks very much like a conditioned response. None of this appears to be “cute” or “funny,” but rather SAD. I (We) truly hope these dogs are not being mistreated, abused and/or exploited — to MARKET and SELL “Guilty/Denver” paraphernalia — under the guise of ‘charities.’ In my opinion: it may be the owners who are Guilty, and NOT “Denver.”

  4. John says:

    What makes you an authority on the reactions of the precious animals?????….
    Neither of the pup’s seem one bit abused….
    Your a moron….. Or perhaps an abused animal? Either way, really sad!!!!!

  5. John says:

    What is certain is that Denver’s owners are exploiting him for their own personal gain. They are turning this video and cute dog into a mini industry. There’s nothing good about that.

  6. LARRY says:

    The “bite” out of the cat treats bag, in the video, looks setup and FAKE. With the air seemingly flattened out of the bag – as if the air was “pressed” out of it – “Denver” may have done NOTHING WRONG AT ALL. Sadly, she is unfairly BLAMED and CLEARLY INTIMIDATED by the owner! (For the cameras!) One need only watch the video to recognize that, it’s obvious! To see or believe otherwise, frankly, is just plain naive. Nothing about the owner’s apparent, self-serving mistreatment of Denver is “cute,” “sweet” or “funny,” in any way. All Denver appears to want to do is “please,” but she is responding to the on-camera BULLYING by her “owner.” We don’t know what else goes on, and/or how much (more) domineering he may truly be (off-camera) – to the animals’ emotional and psychological (and physical?) detriment. I hope people and organizations take a closer look at the EXPLOITATION of these dogs – for the owner’s personal gain – and not fall for the marketing scheme! While the owner is SELLING, “Guilty/Denver” T-shirts and paraphernalia, this seems to be at the expense of these sweet animals. How Sad! What a (SHAM)E!

  7. Lyndy says:

    Larry is making some really intelligent sense! If Denver was a small child being DELIBERATELY SHAMED and MADE TO FEEL GUILTY/BAD by a parent – I wonder how many people would think that it was “cute” ? This dog is definitely reacting – to hearing her owner’s accusatory tone! SHAMEFUL!

  8. David says:

    I agree with larry and lyndy. When I watched the denver you tube video, i felt very upset and distressed by how victimized, abused and distressed denver looked in the video. I did not find the video entertaining, I found it very upsetting and I felt that the owner had done something sinister and had abused denver before he started filming which is obvious. John has no common sense if he thinks denver was ok, and john has no compassion or empathy to disagree with Larry. Larry is stating the obvious – that we all should be concerned about the safety and welfare of Denver. The guilty person is the owner who made the video not the beautiful dog.

  9. Lyndy says:

    I have even seen a posting that Denver will be on Animal Planet (in July?) .
    My hope is that Denver, Massey, and the cat of that household, will all be well scrutinized by the show’s producer, for any possible signs of bad behavior by Denver’s owner.

  10. I agree too, I feel terrible for Denver…I bet he would act that way no matter what item was shown to him…he is reacting because of what his owner is doing not because of what he has “done”. I would even believe the other dog did it, but Denver is being appeasing about how his owner is feeling!

  11. danielle says:

    the above 3 comments are ignorant, any annoying.
    have you 3 ever owned dogs? they’re funny, goofy lovable creatures. the owner runs a full blog with them – they are great animals. you 3 are dumber than animals though, how can you SAY that’s abuse? they are having fun – and it’s a video to make people laugh. idiots!

  12. Taco says:

    Owning a blog on your pets doesn’t make you an expert on dog behavior. I’d imagine the vast majority of dog behaviorist would disagree that Denver is showing guilt. It is much more likely he/she is just reacting to the owner’s body language and tone of voice.

    I do not believe a dog can understand why it is wrong for him/her to eat all the cat treats (it’s not like a dog can think “Oh, my owner bought these for the cat and I ate all of them and now the cat gets none, how wrong of me.”, so Denver is not feeling “guilty” or “bad” about what he/she did. The dog just knows by the owner is upset, so the dog is trying to appease him because it’s scared of punishment.

    It could very well be that the other dog ate the treats, but just doesn’t have the habit of showing appeasement behaviors like Denver, so Denver ends up looking like the culprit.

  13. LARRY says:

    @ Taco: Well said, I agree. She (“Denver”) is reacting to the owner’s BLAMING tone – and not necessarily to anything “wrong” she did. She appears to be conditioned by the owner to feeling (a)shamed — unfairly — to the extent she already appears to “know” what to do and where to go for her punishment. This is sad, and bullying by the owner, who then seeks to profit through the exploitation of these sweet dogs… How pathetic.

  14. Ann says:

    Your all ignorant. It’s just a dog who was confronted for eating the cat treats. If you open your ears and listen, the owner never once raised his voice to the dog or acted like he abused them. I have a dog who acts guilty when he has done something wrong. He rolls over on his back and shows his belly to me and offers up a paw. I don’t abuse my animals either. I would like to know what makes Larry, Lyndy, David and Taco such dog experts. Your all idiots, this was done for a laugh and Thank You Danielle for agreeing that they are all ignorant idiots. There is NO bullying or exploitation of the dogs. When you own 3 or more dogs, then you can say things, but until then shut-up and just enjoy the video. Very funny. Loved it too!!!

  15. Ann says:

    Larry, Lyndy , David and Taco It seems to me that none of you own a dog or cat or even like animals. I don’t understand how you can says things like the animals are being abused and exploited or your feeling stressed over a video of a dog. I have seen alot worse things than this on You Tube. You all need to get a life and a dog. Dogs are funny creatures, they make you laugh, they love you unconditionally. You all are pathetic. Why don’t you blog about something more important than a dog who smiles.It was supposed to be funny not have people accuse the owners of abuse and things like that. Who does that? Unless you have seen the animal being abused or something to that nature, call your local SPCA. Get A Life.

  16. Ann says:

    Keep Smilin Denver, We love you!!

  17. LARRY says:

    Unfortunately, Denver is not “smiling” but grimacing. Sadly, there are individuals like “Ann” who are ‘amused’ by her obvious discomfort; who CONDONE her mistreatment and the exploitation of animals… (In this case: to the shirt peddlers delight…) Talk about ignorant! How pathetic.

  18. LARRY says:

    Also: for Ann to suggest “…none of you own a dog or cat or even like animals.” Well, that’s just plain stupid. Snap-out-of-it!

  19. Ann says:

    Get a F**king life Larry. You are the most ignorant person going. Do you know these people or anything about them? How do you know the dog is being abused, have you seen it with your own eyes?It’s a VIDEO which was meant to be funny, not have assholes like you accusing someone of such a horrible crime. Unless you can prove such a thing keep your comments to yourself. Who do you think you are? If you can prove it then call their nearest SPCA and report them. Otherwise shut the hell up. I guess all the video’s that are on America’s Funniest Home Videos are abusive and exploiting their animals too? LOSER……

  20. LARRY says:

    Ann, you obviously have serious problems. In one of your prior tirades you stated: “It’s just a dog who was confronted…” (A clear indication you lack empathy for others, including animals). I pity the people, children and pets that are subjected to your out-of-control anger. I suggest you get professional counseling and help for your issues. It’s time to grow up and behave like an adult, not like a child throwing tantrums and name-calling and swearing, just because others have a differing point of view. Try to have empathy for others and control your emotional outbursts; they are WAY over-the-top…

  21. John says:

    Whether or not this dog is being humiliated, mistreated or exploited, is secondary to the nasty, sub human rhetoric I’m seeing. To insult someone with vile profanity simply because they express concern over the treatment of an animal is insane. The real question here is why do you feel need to go thermo nuclear on some silly blog? Do you feel that helpless and powerless that going nuclear is your only available option? Never mind how the dog is treated. Let’s treat our fellow man with a little more respect .

  22. Ann says:

    Gee LARRY, when did you become a professional psycologist, You’re the one with the issues not me, I don’t have a problem with this video, you seem to. I don’t understand why you are making such a big deal over this. It’s a dog for heaven’s sake. If the owners were beating the dog on the video that’s one thing , but they are not. If you feel the dog is being mistreated by it’s owners then report them to the authorities. I may suggest to you that you NOT watch AFV Or YouTube. There are animals in videos on there too. Does this mean they are being mistreated and exploited too?

  23. Ann says:

    I have NO respect for someone who is completely rude. I am entitled to my opinion just like you are. LARRY seems to be making a bigger deal of this than anyone else on this blog site. It’s a smiling dog GET OVER IT. If you GIVE respect you GET respect back.

  24. LARRY says:

    9. My dog knows she was bad after she goes potty in the house. Her guilty face says it all.

    False. Dogs show a perceived “guilty face” not because they feel an actual emotion of guilt, but they are actually showing appeasement behaviors in response to their owners intimidating body language. Whether we want to or not, it’s difficult not to display negative body language when we’re upset with our pets. A 2009 study by researcher Alexandra Horowitz at Barnard College in New York revealed that the “guilty look” dogs display is solely attributed by humans and has no relation to whether the dog is actually responsible for an offense. The study found that dogs who had not actually eaten the forbidden treat, but were scolded by their misinformed owners for eating a treat, showed guiltier-looking body language than dogs who had actually eaten the forbidden treat. The guilty look is simply a response of the dog to her owner’s behavior.

  25. Heather says:

    LARRY – Coming from a long dog behavior and animal rescue history, it is evident to me that you are right on the mark. Here is a link that perhaps will give those who see it as a harmless “joke” some better insight:

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