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Over the past ten years, Dogstuff / Source Menagerie has raised, helped raise, and contributed more than $117,000 $119,000 for canine rescue across a wide range of breeds. As the owners of the company, we’ve also worked hands-on to transport and care for scores of dogs, individually and in groups, to help them to reach their forever homes.

We’ve had powerful allies in the rescue mission – dedicated rescue groups and individuals and our worldwide family of customers.

When 82 Labrador Retrievers were found abandoned in a field near Houston in the summer of 2000, many of them near death from starvation, we wrote their story and put out a plea for help on our website, using our shopping cart software to accept credit card donations from any of our customers willing to help. And help they did! Within a week, more than $59,000 had been contributed for the care of these helpless Labs and housing and care were secured for all of them. Donations came in from our customers across the world regardless of what breed of dog they owned.

While our customers gave unstinting financial help, we filled our store truck (a former professional show-dog handler’s van) with crates and headed for Houston, eventually carrying more than two dozen skeletal, helpless, diarrhea-squirting Labs to Central Texas where runs were built by volunteers and vets began administering urgent care. Their story is here, and it’s a testimony to caring volunteers and a worldwide community of dog lovers.

Rescue, sadly is work that is never done. We helped with the rescue of 50 Golden Retrievers from a South Texas puppy mill, dozens of dogs pulled from an abusive situation in North Carolina, and transport for a truckload of retrievers who needed to get out of harm’s way after Hurricane Katrina – which led to the wonderful story of the homecoming of a dog named Buddy.

One of our continuing efforts to help rescue is through the Dogstuff Affiliate Program, which partners with rescue organizations to let them earn commissions on purchases from Recently, we paid out more than $9,000 $10,500 in commissions to participating rescue affiliates.
Any organization with an internet presence, involved in rescue or care of animals without homes or in distress, is eligible to become an affiliate of Dogstuff / Source Menagerie and earn commissions on purchases made by customers they refer to our website. If you have a favorite rescue whose work you would like to support, write us at affiliateprogram(at) or have the rescue email us directly at that address to join the affiliate program.

There is no charge either to the rescue or the customer – it’s just our way of sharing our revenues to help support the ongoing work of these wonderful organizations.

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  2. You could not be more correct when you said a rescue’s work is never done. I am the fundraising coordinator for the South Florida Siberian Husky Rescue and I can tell you first hand just when you think you have everything under control, boom another dog emergency, or another dog that needs to be saved from a shelter. To top that off, it’s expensive vetting and caring for foster dogs. One thing I have done to help the rescue offset the cost is training my dogs to be Florida Siberian Husky photo dogs. I then turn around a donate back a portion of what is made back to the rescue. Most all of my dogs are rescues and it’s only right to support your local rescue.

    Keep up the great work that you do!

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